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August  3rd, 2:30-3:30: Open House
August 4th, 7:50 am: First day of school for 1st-5th grade
August 8th, 7:50 am: First day of school for Kinder
August 10th, 7:50 am: First day of school for PreK 

All students will report to the playground. 

  Please Review the Student Dress Code

A student’s appearance, mode of dress, and/or cleanliness shall not disrupt the educational process or constitute, sexual innuendoes, gang identifiers (including “sagging”), and tobacco will not be worn.  Students will be allowed to wear clothing only one size larger in order to allow for growth or shrinkage.  All shirts or other garments (including dresses) will be worn with sleeves.  No tank tops, spaghetti straps, or muscle shirts will be allowed.  Garments will not be worn if they are sheer or see-through material.  Midriffs must be completely covered at all times. PANTS MAY NOT DRAG THE GROUND.  Wallet chains are prohibited.  Students are to wear appropriate shoes for school, flip flops or sandals are not allowed. Shorts are allowed for summer, but must be longer than finger tip length.

For safety of all students closed toed shoes must be worn during PE.
Sandals are not to be worn on days of PE.

For safety of all students fake/acrylic fingernails should not be worn.

Facial jewelry, or jewelry is prohibited at all times on all campuses, with the exception of games after school hours.  This includes but not limited to nose rings, eyebrow rings, and lip rings, and large earrings.

Tongue rings are not subject to the policy as long as they are not used to disrupt the educational process.  Shirts that say “In Memory of …” will not be worn on campus.  Any fewer restrictions, as approved by the superintendent.  When, in judgment of the principal, a student’s appearance, mode of dress, and/or cleanliness is distracting and disruptive of the educational process, the student will be required to make requested modifications.  If requested modifications are not made, students will be removed from class and placed in, in school suspension and parents will be contacted.  Students who refuse to dispose of or remove the insignia will be suspended.  Students may return to school grounds only if accompanied by a parent or guardian and only when the offensive insignia is either disposed of or covered up. 

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